Chemical Engineering March 2013 Issue

Free Subscription to Chemical Engineering March 2013New edition of Chemical Engineering magazine is now available. In March 2013 issue, you can get latest latest news on Chemical Engineering industry and plant operations.

Featured Articles

Beware of Flow-Accelerated Corrosion
Operators of steam-generating systems should understand flow-accelerated corrosion and the potential problems it can cause

Corrosion in Flexible Burner Hoses
Special care must be taken to avoid corrosion in flexible hoses for burners. This failure analysis illustrates the mechanism and provides recommendations

Five Steps to Replacing Aged Heat-Transfer Fluid
Follow these guidelines to help ensure efficient operation of heat transfer systems, and proper exchange and disposal of aged fluids

Integrating Gas Turbines Into CPI Facilities
Capturing hot fluegas from gas turbines for use in process plants can yield benefits, but tradeoffs must be considered

Thermowell Installation
Temperature is a critical measurement in the chemical process industries for operating safe and efficient processes. Proper installation of thermowells can help achieve reliability in this important measurement.

A step toward mineralizing CO2 captured from fluegas
Researchers from Newcastle University have discovered that, in the presence of a nickel catalyst, CO2 can be rapidly and cheaply converted into solid carbonate salts. The discovery could lead to a simpler and less-expensive alternative …

A cheaper way to destroy organic contaminants?
An ultraviolet oxidation process for the destruction of water-borne organic contaminants that combines UV with chlorine, rather than hydrogen peroxide, is being developed by MIOX Corp. (Albuquerque, N.M.). The company’s Advanced Oxidation…

A bi-metallic nanocluster catalyst for highly selective asymmetric C–C formation
Shu Kobayashi and his research group at the University of Tokyo (Japan) have developed a ruthenium-silver nanocluster catalyst for the highly selective 1,4-addition reaction for the formation of asymmetric…

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Chemical Engineering serves chemical engineering professionals in the chemical process industry including manufacturing, engineering, government, academia, financial institutions and others allied to the field serving the global chemical process industry.

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