Chemical Engineering June 2014 Issue

Chemical Engineering magazine 06/2014 coverNew edition of Chemical Engineering magazine is now available. In June 2014 issue, you can get latest news on chemical engineering industry and plant operations. Here are featured articles for this month.


Fine Tune the Design of Sour-water Strippers Using Rate-based Simulation
A look at the benefits of using simulations in the design of SWS units, and some practical tips on SWS operation

Industrial Control Systems Security: The Owner-Operator’s Challenge
Addressing the cybersecurity of industrial control systems requires a collaborative response, beginning with a realistic assessment

Bio-based adipic acid
Adipic acid is traditionally manufactured via the oxidation of petroleum-based cyclohexane. As an alternative, a bio-based route to adipic acid has emerged in which the product is formed by a fermentation process.

Recover waste heat with ORC technology
Last April, Siemens Energy (Erlangen, Germany) introduced the Siemens organic Rankine cycle (ORC) modules, which enable operators of industrial plants to generate power from low-temperature (around 300°C) waste heat

This demonstration plant makes bioethanol from tapioca residue
a demonstration plant started up that makes bioethanol from cassava residue — a byproduct of tapioca production. The demonstration plant, located at the cassava starch plant of EBP Ethanol Co. in Sa Kaeo Province, Thailand

A new spin on flow metering
The new FLOWave flowmeter uses a new technology based on surface acoustic waves (SAW). One of the outstanding features of SAW for inline flow measurement of liquids is that it operates without any components or constrictions inside the measuring tube

Reduce energy costs by combining wastewater treatment and desalination
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO; Kawasaki, Japan) and Global Water Recycling and Reuse Solution Technology Research Assn. (GWSTA) have developed a new water-treatment system that integrates seawater.

Using algae to clean wastewater
Technology developed by Algal Scientific Corp. (Northville, Mich) uses algae to remove soluble organics, nitrogen and phosphorous from medium- to high-strength wastewaters in a single step.

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