Broadcast Engineering World Edition Magazine September 2011

Broadcast Engineering World Edition CoverBroadcast Engineering World Edition magazine for September 2011 edition has been released. You can read latest news on video, broadcast, production, telecom, and cable technology in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

MTV does more with less
By Michael Grotticelli
In the spring of 2010, Michael Bivona, vice president of engineering at MTV Networks, was faced with a perplexing challenge. He was tasked by the company’s…

New loudness metering standard
By Richard Cabot And Ian Dennis
Loudness issues have been around since the beginning of broadcasting, or at least broadcast advertising, but they were exacerbated by the DTV transition…

Fixed-point vs. floating-point numbers in audio processing
By Patrick Warrington
The traditional view is that the floating-point number format is superior to the fixed-point number format when it comes to representing sound digitally….

Processing audio for mobile DTV
By Michael Grotticelli
Just when audio mixing engineers were finally getting comfortable with 5.1 surround sound and other types of multichannel audio formats for sophisticated…

Adaptive, automated loudness control
By Peter Poers
Today, we live in a world of automation. You see it in our industry, in our daily working lives and even at home. Everywhere you look, there is technology…

Taking a FRESH approach to the newsroom
By Ed Cassacia
Television news is, for a number of reasons, the most critical part of most broadcasters’ operations. The way a broadcaster handles news is the clearest…

The making of a stereo 3-D lens
By Thom Calabro
Despite the impressive number of movies and TV sports events produced in stereo 3-D, stereoscopic 3-D production remains a specialized, niche application….

By Sid Guel
Broadcasting and the production of content are complex enough. With 24/7 operations and 100- percent uptime requirements, any changes to a broadcast operation…

FACE time
By Paula Carrillo And Akira Osamoto
In video compression algorithms, the quantization parameter is typically adapted based on overall bit usage and relative complexity of the region in the…

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Broadcast Engineering World Edition Magazine provides accurate, trusted coverage of video, broadcast, production, telecom, and cable technology. It dedicated for corporate management, engineers/technicians and other management personnel at commercial and public TV stations, post-production and recording studios, broadcast networks, cable, telephone and satellite production centers.

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