Broadcast Engineering World Edition Magazine May 2012

BEW-Cover-May 2012Broadcast Engineering World Edition magazine for May 2012 edition has been released. You can read latest news on video, broadcast, production, telecom, and cable technology in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

Online captioning compliance
By Bill Mclaughlin
Online streaming video has become a major part of every broadcaster’s technology and business plans over the last few years. In October 2010, this new…

By Pierre Larbier
Broadcast contribution applications like newsgathering, event broadcasting or content exchange currently benefit from the large availability of high-speed…

Simple checks
By David Wood
This discussion focuses on a signal chain where sound and picture live in a transport stream as it moves from studio to relay point to transmitter. This…

Circular polarization for mobile services

By John L. Schadler
The success of Mobile TV is dependent upon service reliability. Generally speaking, people have been trained to accept poor cellular voice service and…

DESIGNING an active archive system
By Peter Halpern
Content, regardless of age, must be accessible when it’s needed and retrieved in a timely manner seconds or minutes as opposed to days or weeks to support…

Camera choices expand
By David Austerberry
You could say there has never been more choice of cameras. And this year, NAB saw several new camera releases. NHK’s Super Hi-Vision project to develop…

BUILDING an IP-based facility

By Gary Olson
There are changes in the design and planning of a broadcast and production facility for IP- and file-based production and distribution technologies. Whether…

The benefits of FPGAs

By Robert Green And Aaron Behman
We are on the cusp of the next exciting age of video compression as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is expected to be standardized in early 2013….

Frame-rate conversion
By Christopher Walker
Frame-rate conversion is necessary almost always. It is needed in cinema when projecting 24fps material at 48fps or 72fps. In post-production, it comes…

Broadcast Asia 2012
By David Austerberry
BroadcastAsia provides a major showcase for the broadcast manufacturing industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Although many countries in the region hold…

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About Broadcast Engineering World Edition Magazine :
Broadcast Engineering World Edition provides accurate, trusted coverage of video, broadcast, production, telecom, and cable technology. The magazine is published for corporate management, engineers/technicians and other management personnel at commercial and public TV stations, post-production and recording studios, broadcast networks, cable, telephone and satellite production centers.

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