Broadcast Engineering World Edition Magazine August 2011

Broadcast Engineering magazine coverBroadcast Engineering World Edition magazine for August 2011 edition has been released. You can read latest news on video, broadcast, production, telecom, and cable technology in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

The making of a stereo 3-D lens
By Thom Calabro
Despite the impressive number of movies and TV sports events produced in stereo 3-D, stereoscopic 3-D production remains a specialized, niche application…

FACE time
By Paula Carillo And Akira Osamoto
In video compression algorithms, the quantization parameter is typically adapted based on overall bit usage and relative complexity of the region in the…

Audio formats
By Matt Bell
Since the early days of cinema and broadcast, the business of audio capture, production and post production has always been the recipient of less attention,…

Building IP-centric media data centers
By Luc Andries
As broadcasters transition to file-based media production, large disk-based storage systems are becoming the fundamental media service of the production…

Ethernet in broadcast
By Steve Lampen
Broadcast facilities should be properly outfitted for 3Gb/s speeds…

DVB-S2 and spectral efficiency
By Russ Van Der Werff
Industry experts and vendors alike recognize that DVB-S2 satellite modulation offers significant technical advantages…

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About Broadcast Engineering World Edition Magazine :
Broadcast Engineering World Edition Magazine provides accurate, trusted coverage of video, broadcast, production, telecom, and cable technology. It dedicated for corporate management, engineers/technicians and other management personnel at commercial and public TV stations, post-production and recording studios, broadcast networks, cable, telephone and satellite production centers.

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