BioOptics World Magazine January February 2013

BioOptics World Magazine Feb 2013 coverHere is new edition of BioOptics World magazine, a primary publication in laser optics and imaging for the life sciences, for January/February 2013.

Featured Articles

Biomanufacturing: Engineering a currency for the bioeconomy
Biofabs are springing up worldwide and facilitating the expanding bioeconomy. Public and private entities and bio-optics techniques are playing a role in its development.

Photoacoustic tomography is ready to revolutionize
Photoacoustic tomography (PAT), which produces multicontrast images of living bio structures on multiple scales, has been explored for applications from dermatology to neurology and oncology.

Novel ophthalmic imaging with adaptive optics, confocal imaging, and OCT
A bio-optics triple-threat — a combination of adaptive optics, optical coherence tomography, and confocal microscopy– allows imaging of the human eye with unprecedented detail.

Advances in optical biodetection
Light-based techniques reveal biological entities from DNA to pathogens, enabling such advances as point-of-care flow cytometry, super-sensitive diagnostics, and real-time gene analysis.

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About BioOptics World Magazine:
BioOptics World Magazine is published for biomedical researchers and engineers involved in the development and fabrication of optical components and systems used in the life sciences, as well as for scientists and clinicians who utilize these technologies, including biologists, physicists, physicians, pathologists, forensic scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies.

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