Appliance Design October 2013 Issue

Appliance Design October 2013 - Free SubscribeHere is new edition of Appliance Design magazine October 2013. In this issue, you can read latest appliance industry news, medical appliance/durable goods industry, commercial, and solutions for design and engineering teams in the global. Here are featured articles for this month


Haptics Continue to Advance
Haptics in white goods and commercial equipment go from complexity to simplicity in just a few years.

Color and the Modern Home Appliance
From the traditional white, we are now seeing metallics, pearlescents, colors and other effects coming into play.

Customizing Your Connector Solution
Connectors can simplify wiring and expedite automated processes.

Consider these Metal Prototype Methods
The growing availability of technologies for producing metal prototypes can help designers speed up product development.

Case study: Suncor Energy Gets Control of Its Process
Company adopts LONWORKS Open Systems to Realize Corporate Vision of Consistency, Repeatability and Environmental Responsibility.

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About Appliance DESIGN Magazine:
Appliance DESIGN Magazine published for Design Engineers in all of the appliance industry sectors: HVAC, Majors, Water Processing, Housewares, Commercial Appliances, Vending, Medical, Lab, Test & Measurement, Lawn and Garden, Electronics, Computers, Communications, Business Equipment.

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