Appliance DESIGN Magazine November 2011

Appliance design November 2011 CoverAppliance DESIGN magazine for November 2011 edition has been released. You can read latest appliance industry news, solutions for design and engineering teams in the global, commercial, and medical appliance/durable goods industry in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

Tankless Water Heaters by Jason Corey
With thermal efficiencies in the mid-nineties, condensing tankless water heaters use a secondary heat exchanger to lower combustion-gas temperatures in the flue, allowing the use of PVC piping, instead of stainless steel, to build vent runs.

A Monolithic Test by Andy Wynn
Methods of assessing monolithic refractories for material selection in aluminum melt-hold furnaces.

Energy Star Label and Smart Grid by Amanda Stevens
Capitalizing on the potential for smart grid: opportunities from smart grid enabled appliances

Cover Story
It’s the Future, So Where’s the Future? by Seth Fisher
It’s almost 2012, so where’s the cool new gadgetry? We look back at some technologies that eight to ten years ago seemed just over the horizon.

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Geographic Eligibility: USA, Canada (Print or Digital Edition Available), Mexico and International (Digital Edition Only)

About Appliance DESIGN Magazine:
Appliance DESIGN Magazine published for Design Engineers in all of the appliance industry sectors: HVAC, Majors, Water Processing, Housewares, Commercial Appliances, Vending, Medical, Lab, Test & Measurement, Lawn and Garden, Electronics, Computers, Communications, Business Equipment.

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