Appliance DESIGN magazine January 2011

appliance design january 2011 coverApplianceDESIGN magazine for January 2011 edition has been released. Readers can get latest news and information about design and engineering teams in the global, commercial, and medical appliance/durable goods industry. Here is main features article for January 2011 publication,


  • Through the use of plastic materials, designers are able to create innovative, intricately designed parts not possible with glass.
  • Replacing metal with plastics has many benefits, and, in many cases, fewer compromises than ever before.

Manufacturers can reduce costs by integrating an entire dual-motor system with active PFC on a single microcontroller

The ability to target metal removal and the methodology applied to focus the metal removal current, enables PEM as a production process

Stop the trends in product recalls and lawsuits. One of the key issues involved in the numbers of product recalls are defects in design.

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About appliance DESIGN magazine
Appliance DESIGN is written for Design Engineers in all of the appliance industry sectors: HVAC, Majors, Water Processing, House wares, Commercial Appliances, Vending, Medical, Lab, Test & Measurement, Lawn and Garden, Electronics, Computers, Communications, Business Equipment.

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