Appliance Design January 2014 Issue

Appliance Design Jan 2014 Cover - Here is new edition of Appliance Design Design magazine January 2014. In this issue, you can read latest appliance industry news, medical appliance/durable goods industry, commercial, and solutions for design and engineering teams in the global.


Five Steps to Useable Product Design
Learn the human factors requirements for a tech-enabled appliance or a consumer electronic device

The Turbine: The Air Motor Packing Maximum Efficiency
Double engine output while reducing air consumption

Ensure Motor Quality
Conducting quality audits in offshore motor factories can improve motor projects. A two part series.

Select the Right Insulation
Think about your thermal insulation early and often

Energy Efficient Testing Procedures for Residential Furnaces and Boilers
Energy conservation and savings standard have saved billions of dollars and reduced the carbon footprint.

Improving Appliance Connector Designs
New Power Triple Lock (PTL) connector solution directly responds to the appliance industry’s desire for increased reliability and functionality, security and ease of use.

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Geographic Eligibility: USA, Canada (Print or Digital Edition Available), Mexico and International (Digital Edition Only)

About Appliance DESIGN Magazine:
Appliance DESIGN Magazine published for Design Engineers in all of the appliance industry sectors: HVAC, Majors, Water Processing, Housewares, Commercial Appliances, Vending, Medical, Lab, Test & Measurement, Lawn and Garden, Electronics, Computers, Communications, Business Equipment.


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