Aircraft Maintenance Technology May 2013

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Virtual Turbine Engine Test Bench
Innovation provides turbine engine learning solutions

Foreign (Non-U.S. Citizen) A&P Applicants
Applicants for a mechanic certificate must meet all the same requirements as their counterparts in the United States, and must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English.

Human Factors Implications
The three-part document, which addresses all aspects of Maintenance SMS for operators and regulatory authorities, is nearly 500 pages. EASA considers not only safety but also costs.

3-D Laser Inspection of Jet Engine Blades
New technology reduces inspection time as well as offers higher accuracy.

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About Aircraft Maintenance Technology:
Aircraft Maintenance Technology magazine is written by aircraft mechanics for aircraft maintenance professionals. Each issue includes Airframe, Avionics, Recip, and Turbine Technology sections along with MRO Operations, Staying Legal, AMTSociety Mx Logs Update, and articles from the FAA and John Goglia. Special focus on equipment is the quarterly Tools & Equipment.

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